Life of A Claim

Revolutionize Your Cash Flow Management

Life of A Claim combines technology and operational methodology to discover opportunities and transform them into tangible cash gains. It begins with the Claim HealthCheck, a diagnostic process identifying the gap between charges and cash flow. Next, Cash Realization optimizes workflow, empowers staff, and harnesses the power of technology to promote cashflow improvements. Finally, with the Cash Legacy™ program, you can continue using Texican’s tools for lasting financial and revenue cycle operational and organizational improvements.

Claim HealthCheck

Texican’s Claim HealthCheck is the initial step towards maximizing cash. It represents an evidence-based reality check to establish the baseline for future evaluation and determine eligibility for revenue cycle transformation.

Claim HealthCheck consists of the following three phases:

    Collect & Connect Data

    Leverage Proprietary Analytics

    Deliver Actionable Insights

    Extract and integrate multi-sourced RCO data streams such as:

    • EHR/EMR
    • 3rd Party vendor bolt-ons
    • Payer remits
    • Payment flow
    • Claim analytics
    • Transaction analysis
    • Payer performance

    Cash Velocity

    • Identifies Cash Flow Improvement Opportunities

    Claim Precision

    • Pinpoints the most impactful claim integrity corrections to increase the First Pass Clean Claim Rate


    • Calculates critical measures of workflow efficiency to identify unnecessary system and staff efforts

    Payer Scorecard

    • Evaluates Payers for timely and accurate payments, denial frequencies, outcomes and comparative analysis on reimbursement, denial rates and overall performance ranking


    Increase Net Cash

    Life of A Claim | Texican Revolutionary Cash Flow Management Solution

    Cash Realization

    Combining advanced technology and human intelligence, Texican’s “Secret Sauce” transforms Claim HealthCheck discovery into a strategic plan that closes the charge-cash gap and delivers one month’s additional cash.

    Cash Realization relies on the three following pillars:

    Workflow Optimization

    Creates a series of dynamic work lists that prioritize high-value efforts and facilitates the ability of management to focus on high-impact solutions

    Staff Training and Empowerment

    Our job is to EMPOWER management and staff in every department that touches a claim with training and know-how to approach problem-solving skills developed over three decades of experience.

    Our proprietary software implements 15-minute Review – regular performance evaluations.

    Decision Support through Analytics and Reporting

    • Proprietary Dashboards
    • A/R Performance
    • Claim Evaluation
    • Targeted Opportunities

    Cash Legacy

    Following the initial discovery in Claim Healthcheck and Cash Realization, clients continue to sustain cash gains as a result of the operational improvements implemented and an improved understanding of actual performance.

    To promote sustainable improvement, the Cash Legacy program ensures the inculcation of your new level of excellence that includes continuous access to Texican’s:

    • RCM Consulting expertise
    • Software Tool and Staff Training
    • Methods of performance evaluation
    • Continuous improvement of RCM


    Revolutionize Your Cash Flow Management

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