9% Sustainable Cash Growth     And Prevention Of Layoffs   During The Pandemic   Read More Who we are?  Texican is a revenue cycle operations transformation
company that partners with our clients to maximize their
cash flow and enhance their operations in a risk gain
share model to drive long term financial success. 
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  $1Bn+ Total Sustainable Cash Improvement     20+ SME's Team Members     20+ Average Years of Experience     30+ RCO Transformation Engagements   Read More   Historical Results   What are our clients say What Our Clients Say… “Our revenue cycle operations transformation partner, Texican has played a critical role in strengthening our system, increasing and sustaining our annual cash flow by 10% over baseline, reducing A/R by 25%, and establishing an accurate and consistent revenue forecast model are only a few of the significant Texican contributions. Even during COVID-19 their support and Revenue Cycle leadership afforded us the opportunity to continue to grow cash while mitigating significant financial impacts experienced by other healthcare organizations. Their work helped to position our organization for the recent highly successful merger with Ochsner Health” David Callecod, Past CEO and President Read More LOAC Life Of A Claim Proprietary revenue cycle operations automation tool that enables transaction-based workflow optimization and data warehousing reporting and dashboard platform. Read More   $146M Sustainable Cash Flow Impact trending_up     Though RCO Transformation   Our Case Studies Meet Our Team Experts Discover Our Team people Texican Solutions Provide Streamline Operations Expert Financial Strategy
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Healthcare Leaders.
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Benefits Eliminate Costly Manual Processes AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS TEXICAN Data-Driven Reporting & Analysis



Improvement of Annual Sustainable Cash Flow


Return on Investment


Cash to Charge Improvement


Clean Claim Rate Improvement


Total Sustainable Cash Improvement for Our Clients

“Texican exceeded all deliverables from their initial assessment, including significant increases in cash & recurring net revenue.”

- Chief Financial Officer

Large Regional Health System

Who We Are?

Texican specializes in achieving positive cash results. Established in 1991, delivering sustainable year over year results through revenue cycle transformation. We have produced an equivalent extra one (1) month’s average cash collections per client engagement. As well as develop the performance metrics to continue the trend. Based on our experience clients achieve a return on investment of $12 for every $1 spent on the engagement.

What We Do? – Maximize Net Revenue

There’s a paradigm shift happening in healthcare and Revenue Cycle. Transformation is at the heart of it. Texican specializes in achieving positive cash and financial results. Texican’s proprietary Life of a Claim tool maximizes a hospital’s financial performance and cash flow by optimizing the revenue cycle process. During discovery and analysis, we assess and discover opportunities that will provide the greatest benefit to you, and then customize the implementation plan for your unique circumstances.

Transformational Financial Impact

  • Cash Impact of ONE MONTH’S CASH FLOW over the previous 12-month’s average baseline
  • Revenue Cycle Operational (RCO) Transformations leveraging Texican partnership has driven a 12 to 1 ROI

Operational Transformation – Driven by Texican’s Life of a Claim

  • Establish RCO as a reliable core organizational contributor, delivering sustainable results.
  • Ability to execute on key Health System objectives promoting a culture of People, Service, Quality, Funding & Growth.
  • Standardization of charge capture, coding & billing processes to facilitate accurate reimbursement.
  • Implementation of actionable quality metrics for patient access and scheduling maximizing system capacity.
  • Optimization of staff’s efforts in all functional areas of RCO utilizing Texican Life of a Claim Analytics.

Boost Cash Flow

Hands-On Approach

We work with management and the health systems line staff to deliver long-term, integrated solutions to end the malignant cycle that plagues a health system’s bottom line.

Expert Guidance

Our experts recognize industry changes that impact end results, develop best practices suitable for adapting to these changes, and guide clients through the process.