“Texican exceeded each deliverable from their initial assessment, which pledged dramatically better results than the competition, a large national consulting firm. The senior executive team was very pleased with both the results and the ease of working with the Texican team of seasoned professionals. Texican’s expertise in the revenue cycle not only resulted in a significant cash and net revenue return to Health First, but also identified and corrected internal processes assuring improved future net revenue reimbursement.”

Joseph Felkner

Executive Vice President & CFO, Health First

Texican Solutions

Boost Cash Flow

Hands-On Approach

We work with management and the health systems line staff to deliver long-term, integrated solutions to end the malignant cycle that plagues a health system’s bottom line.

Expert Guidance

Our experts recognize industry changes that impact end results, develop best practices suitable for adapting to these changes, and guide clients through the process.

Automated Solutions


Our Revenue Cycle Initiator software (RCI) expedites the access process by retrieving & verifying patient information, prioritizing patients by procedure date, and categorizing patients by clinical, insurance, & demographic data deficiencies. Detailed management reports track productivity and compare actual results to objectives.


The Cash Acceleration Tool (CAT) generates prioritized daily work lists for follow up staff based on Texican’s proprietary sorting process. The CAT can be customized to accommodate the unique requirements of each organization, further increasing productivity, collections, and net revenue.


The Accelerated Competency Evaluator (ACE) tracks randomly selected accounts to calculate error percentages at the department level down to individual employees. Errors are documented and quantified to identify negative trends, allowing management to take appropriate corrective action.

Texican Solutions

Maximize Net Revenue

  • Automated software maximizes A/R revenues & streamlines operations management.
  • Advanced tracking & data-driven performance analysis.
  • Experienced & knowledgeable team to work with you throughout the process.
  • Eliminate time consuming and costly management activities.

Case Study

Transforming Health First

Learn how Texican transformed Health First’s revenuecycle, workflow processes and improved collection performance, resulting in $52 million additional cashin just 15 months.