RCO Transformation– What We Do

Texican teams with healthcare organizations to drive RCO transformation efforts and maximize cash impact improvement, by leveraging unmatched expertise in RCO, technology alignment, change management and knowledge transfer.

How We Do It

Continous Triage & Assessment

  • Knowledge Acquisition
    • Data request
    • Interviews
  • Identify Opportunities
    • Cash Impact
    • Technology Alignment
    • Claim Integrity
    • Staff knowledge and training needs
  • Adoption Readiness

Life Of A Claim (LOAC)

  • Revenue cycle functional area analysis
  • Transaction based focus
  • High value initiatives
  • Measure claim outcomes
  • Work effort costs
  • Evidence based transformation plan

Change MGMT

  • Train/Mentor staff
  • 15 min review
  • LOAC adoption
  • Ongoing KPI measurement
  • Sustainable improved cash
  • Long term compliance