Established in 1991,Texican specializes in achieving positive accelerated cash results for health systems, delivering sustainable year over year results through revenue cycle transformation. We have produced an equivalent extra one (1) month’s average cash flow per client engagement as well as developed the performance metrics to continue the trend. Our clients have achieved a return on investment of $12 for every $1 spent on the engagement. We have been able to achieve these results through our proprietary revenue cycle operations automation tool that enables transaction-based workflow optimization and data warehousing as well as reporting and dashboard platform – Life of a claim© and leveraging our subject matter expertise and team in revenue cycle operations transformation.

Here Is What Our Client’s Have To Say

“Our decision to go with Texican and Life of a Claim© has been both operationally and financially rewarding to the organization. The efforts and changes to date have been strategically and tactically effective – resulting in our cash improvement modeling to be on target and our cash projections to be ahead of pace. We’re looking forward to the completion and the long-term sustainable effects from our Revenue Cycle Operations transformation

-- Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

We team with healthcare organizations to drive RCO transformation efforts and maximize cash impact improvement, by leveraging unmatched expertise in RCO, technology alignment, change management, and knowledge transfer.

Core Strengths

• Structured compensation tied to performance-based results

• Comprehensive RCO solution enabled by Life of a Claim

• RCO Transformation & Healthcare industry expertise

• 25+ years track record of driving cash improvement

• Advisory and optimization services

Revenue Cycle Operations (RCO) Transformation & Managed Services

•Automated software to maximize A/R revenues & Ops Mgmt.
•Advanced tracking & data-driven performance analysis.
•Experienced & knowledgeable team to work with you
•Eliminate time consuming and costly management activities.

Advisory Services

•RCO Technology Leadership
•RCO Operational Effectiveness
•Change Management and Training
•Operation and RCM Governance

RCO Project Management

•Scalable RCO Project Services
•Change Management, Training, Coaching
•Revenue Cycle Staff Augmentation

Life Of A Claim (LOAC)

Texican has developed a proprietary application known as Life of a Claim (LOAC), it’s a product of our staff and client’s knowledge and experience over the past 20 + years. LOAC serves two basic functions:

  1. The first is a transaction-based workflow optimization tool. The tool is designed to facilitate the desired outcomes from staff efforts and RCO processes.
  2. The second function is a “true” RCO data warehousing platform. The RCO data warehouse holds RCO process and claim data not normally found in the major finance decision support applications. Texican’s mission in creating LOAC is to implement our methodology and produce consistent results regardless of the health system’s setting, minus the pain and years to get here.

RCO Transformation– What We Do

Texican teams with healthcare organizations to drive RCO transformation efforts and maximize cash impact improvement, by leveraging unmatched expertise in RCO, technology alignment, change management and knowledge transfer.


Hands-On Approach

We work with health system management and revenue cycle operations staff to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions to end the malignant cycle that plagues the health system’s bottom line. And cash flow issues.

Expert Guidance / Leadership

Our experts recognize industry changes that impact end results, develop best practices suitable for adapting to these changes, and guide clients through the process. Our team possesses experience using various IT platforms, including Cerner, Epic, Meditech and GE.

Goals and Objectives

  • Cash Acceleration and Cash to Charge Ratio
  • Enhance performance transparency with the development of dashboards for Executives and Operational Stakeholders
  • Process re-design and training for all Revenue Cycle team members
  • Interim RCO Management and assist with recruiting efforts, including staffing augmentation

How We Do It

Continous Triage & Assessment

  • Knowledge Acquisition
    • Data request
    • Interviews
  • Identify Opportunities
    • Cash Impact
    • Technology Alignment
    • Claim Integrity
    • Staff knowledge and training needs
  • Adoption Readiness

Life Of A Claim (LOAC)

  • Revenue cycle functional area analysis
  • Transaction based focus
  • High value initiatives
  • Measure claim outcomes
  • Work effort costs
  • Evidence based transformation plan

Change MGMT

  • Train/Mentor staff
  • 15 min review
  • LOAC adoption
  • Ongoing KPI measurement
  • Sustainable improved cash
  • Long term compliance