Our Solutions


There is a paradigm shift happening in healthcare and Revenue Cycle. Transformation is at the heart of it.   Texican specializes in achieving positive cash and financial results. Texican works within the hospital organization to identify potential areas of opportunity that will simplify and streamline the Revenue Cycle Management process while accelerating cash flow, increasing net revenue, and increasing patient satisfaction through more efficient business practices. 

Life of a Claim (LOAC)  

Texican has developed ‘proprietary’ workflow integration tools designed to maximize a hospital organization’s financial performance and cash flow by streamlining the revenue cycle process. LOAC consists of cost-effective solutions to maximize cash collection and reduce bad debt.  These tools help improve employee effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction as well as provide management with the necessary daily/weekly reports to track progress against the defined organizational objectives.  

Revenue Cycle Operations (RCO) Transformation 

Texican’s proprietary Life of a Claim maximizes a hospital’s financial performance and cash flow by optimizing the revenue cycle process. During discovery and analysis, we assess and discover opportunities.  will provide the greatest benefit to you, and then customize the implementation plan.  for your unique circumstances. 

Cash Acceleration 

Leveraging Life of a claim, we can customize our solution to accommodate the unique requirements of each engagement. Accounts are identified and prioritized by Texican’s proprietary sorting process. Automated daily work lists are generated for each collector. Collectors use status codes and work again dates to effectively manage the follow-up process. Daily, weekly, and monthly management reports are produced to assist management in directing employee efforts.