Texican works within the hospital organization to identify potential areas of opportunity that will simplify and streamline the Revenue Cycle Management process while accelerating cash flow, increasing net revenue, and increasing patient satisfaction through more efficient business practices.


Phase 1

Client Discovery & Operational Analysis
  • Revenue Cycle Assessment
  • Staff Interviews & Observations
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Implement Aggressive Cash Acceleration Program

Phase 2

Gap Analysis
  • Objective Appraisal of Hospital’s Current Processes
  • Compare Key Performance Metrics to Industry Standards
  • Identify Weaknesses & Gaps

Phase 3

Work Plan & Implementation
  • Step-by-Step Outline of Activities
  • Details Training, Project Management, & Process Design
  • Regular Review of Performance Metrics

Phase 1: Client Discovery & Operational Analysis

Texican will complete a comprehensive assessment of the current revenue cycle environment by means of staff interviews, observations, quantitative/qualitative analysis and benchmarking, in order to produce an accurate evaluation of current business practices.

As part of Phase 1, Texican will immediately implement and manage an aggressive cash acceleration program. The plan is twofold: first, we look to identify and quickly resolve any systemic problems or bottlenecks in the collection and billing process; second, we prioritize accounts for focused follow-up and work side by side with the hospital staff to jump start collections and promote a sustainable enhanced cash collection process.

Phase 2: Gap Analysis

An objective appraisal of a hospital organization’s current processes will be presented. This appraisal will compare the hospital’s key performance metrics to industry standards, weaknesses will be identified and gaps will be documented. In addition, Texican will develop and propose effective recommendations to address the identified weaknesses and improve the organizations revenue cycle performance.

Phase 3: Work Plan & Implementation

The work plan is a step-by-step outline of the action required to implement and attain the agreed upon measurable objectives. It details the necessary training, project management, process design, and process development to meet these objectives. As the work plan is implemented, the key performance metrics are regularly reviewed (and modified as necessary), and measured against established objectives. In addition, productivity is measured to ensure accountability across all departmental levels.

Automated Solutions

Texican’s suite of proprietary workflow integration tools maximize a hospital’s financial performance and cash flow by streamlining the revenue cycle process. During discovery and analysis, we assess which of our tools will provide the greatest benefit to you, and then customize those tools for your unique circumstances.

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Automated Solutions