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Pioneering Positive Cash Results through Unique Revenue Cycle Optimization

About Texican, Inc.

Texican, Inc. specializes in achieving positive cash results in partnership with the hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician groups who we partner with. Established in 1991, we have delivered sustainable year-over-year results through our unique, hands-on approach to revenue cycle performance optimization.

Life of a Claim

Life of a Claim™, Texican’s flagship offering, is a transformative process that combines cutting-edge technology, hands-on expertise, and a systematic approach to uncover opportunities for cash gains within healthcare organizations. Our method involves a thorough exploration of the entire life cycle of a claim—from discovery to implementation—forging a path that extends beyond the initial engagement. Leveraging our system of metrics, staff training, and specialized software, we not only optimize your current performance but also establish lasting legacy processes for sustained financial success.

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Client Testimonials



Large Regional Health System

“Texican has exceeded the initial projections of our engagement, achieving a 9 to 1 return on investment.  They have been excellent partners and bring a commitment to their customers at all levels.”

Florida Hospital

“Texican helped us achieve great results in the financial turnaround of our business office. Their highly skilled personnel and attention to detail generated significant additional cash flow for our organization”


Large Regional Health System

“Lafayette General Health’s highly successful revenue cycle transformation engagement with Texican was driven not only through operational and technology optimizations but also by their willingness to adopt and embody our “Journey to Excellence(J2E)” culture. Texican leadership continually attends J2E training and then executes and teaches our evidence-based expectations”


Large Regional Health System

“Our revenue cycle operations transformation partner, Texican has played a critical role in strengthening our system, increasing and sustaining our annual cash flow by 10% over baseline, reducing A/R by 25%, and establishing an accurate and consistent revenue forecast model are only a few of the significant Texican contributions. Even during COVID-19 their support and Revenue Cycle leadership afforded us the opportunity to continue to grow cash while mitigating significant financial impacts experienced by other healthcare organizations. Their work helped to position our organization for the recent highly successful merger with Ochsner Health”



“With the assistance of Texican’s highly knowledgable staff our team was able to focus on recent receivables while they identified issues afflicting past receivables and solved existing problems. It was very refreshing to receive weekly reports on the project status, knowing it would be on time.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Louisiana

Integrated Delivery System

“Our decision to go with Texican, Inc. and Life of a Claim© has been both operationally and financially rewarding to the organization. The efforts and changes to date have been strategically and tactically effective – resulting in our cash improvement modeling to be on target and our cash projections to be ahead of pace. We’re looking forward to the completion and the long-term sustainable effects from our Revenue Cycle Operations transformation.”